Tarot as a Metaphysical Guide


The ultimate purpose of the Tarot is to be used as a metaphysical guide through your physical life, but the soul must have awakened before the value of the Tarot’s archetypal energies as they flow through you, can be fully appreciated. …

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Tarot and Kabbalah


In the middle of the nineteenth century, an Abbe of the Roman church called Alphonse Louis Constant translated his name into the Hebrew form of Eliphas Levi Zahed. Today he is known simply as Eliphas Levi. This man was a …

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The History of Tarot


An Egyptian High Priest, Hermes Trismegistos, probably one of the greatest initiates that walked the earth before Christ, left for humanity the Book of Wisdom entitled “Thoth” or the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, containing some of the highest wisdom that …

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