Esoteric Tarot

Crystal ballPsychic powers are common to all people, but some have not used their ability in the field of Metaphysics so they consider that they don’t have them; everyone has them to some degree or another. Some brain researchers explain that the primitive brain is more intuitive, and that hunches and psychic insight are activities of this more primitive part of the brain. The energies come up through the medulla (Centre M) through the cerebellum lobes, then to and through the pineal then on to the left hemisphere, then across to the pituitary gland. Those energies cause an imprint on the energy already flowing through that left hemisphere. This imprint we call thought. So, we have the left hand side dealing with abstract thinking, music, art and literature; the imprint called thought and the ability to think clearly. This, in turn channels to the right hemisphere where it is necessary. So, rather than a left brain, right brain phenomena, it could perhaps be described as an inner brain, outer brain phenomena. If we go along with this theory, traumatic situations may allow the thought processes to occur at a more primal level, so that decisions are made instinctively or intuitively. So we have an influence coming from the subconscious mind, which by its definition, resides below the threshold of consciousness.

Correct training can help this information come to the conscious mind at will. Practice with the symbolism of the Tarot can raise the level of awareness and hone the intuitive faculty. Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind, and the Tarot, being rich in metaphysical symbology will speak directly to your subconscious mind, and allow intuitive insights. When you experience the symbolic nature of the Tarot, the experience is brought directly from your subconscious mind into consciousness awareness, and this can trigger forth the activity of the psychic powers.